Green energy is clean and renewable energy that is derived from natural resources. In addition, renewable energy is a fast-growing energy source that’s geared towards providing a green solution for most households and businesses.

As the photovoltaic solar energy industry grows rapidly, it’s starting to replace conventional electrical energy sources’ adverse environmental and social effects.

This means that no or few greenhouses gases are emitted compared to fossil fuels. Additionally, since these sources are produced locally, more jobs are created to serve the community.

However, even with this, there is still the challenge of solar cell production. Off-spec cells have been removed from the value-added chain because they no longer meet the requirements of the electrical industry or have the optical necessary for solar cell modules.

To curb this issue, Innovation Solar Cells uses cell processing technology to transform and increase the productivity of off-spec cells. Through this technology, we can produce solar cells and more productive modules and have high energy savings.

Our modules are designed to generate up to 90% energy savings. In fact, their energy payback period is below the industry average period of 1-1.5 years. Consequently, our modules produce solar electricity that can be used for decades.

So, to reduce the average cost of green energy, we have collaborated with major non-prime cell producers globally. We invest in the non-prime solar cells and transform them into prime solar cells that can be used in productive solar power plants.

By giving the producers a better market for their products, the average cost of producing clean green energy will reduce, resulting in more quantity production in the world.

We have also expanded our production facility to increase our green energy capacity. In addition, our team at Innovation Solar Cells has employed new cell-processing techniques for overall production efficiency.

Overall, we make the best use of our solar cells to increase the total power produced globally and lower the average carbon footprint.