6MW Solar Plant to Be Built at Bahrain Mall

A 6MW solar plant is expected to be constructed at Bahrain Mall by real estate developer Majid al-Futtaim. This solar plant will be the largest solar rooftop project to be installed in Bahrain to date.

The United Arabs Emirates developer signed a power-purchase agreement (PPA) with Yellow Door Energy, headquartered in Dubai.

Yellow Door Energy will invest in the project and build, design, and maintain it. In February, the firm had signed loans that cost $31.2m to construct eight photovoltaic plants.

The rooftop solar power plant at Bahrain Mall will span more than 40,000 sq meters. In the first year of its operation, the power plant is expected to produce 10 million kWh of clean energy. With this production, 6,300 tonnes of carbon emissions will be reduced.

Carrefour Bahrain, operator of the Bahrain Mall, will run the solar power plant in 20 years to come. Besides, the agreement to build the solar plant project will be part of the Mall’s expansion and renovation project.

Also, the installation of about 11,600 solar panels is expected to take place. These solar panels will cater to 50% of the energy consumption needs in the Bahrain Mall.

Lenders for the Project

The lenders include:

  • Yellow Door Energy
  • European Bank for Reconstruction & Development
  • Germany’s DEG

In addition, Spain will make payments and join together with European Union to offer technical assistance.