Salt Tank Hydro Test Performed for Concentrated Solar Scheme in Dubai

A salt tank hydro test of the parabolic tank of MBR (Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum) solar park was carried out in May. This is according to Shanghai Electric, who is the lead engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractor for the project.

In addition, the firm said that the test’s positive results laid a foundation for the commissioning of the molten salt system next phase. After the test, a molten salt pipe system was installed in the concentrated solar power (CSP) tower.

Moreover, the fourth phase of the MBR solar park produces 950MW clean energy thanks to hybrid solar technologies. These technologies include:

  • 100MW solar power tower that is 260 meters high
  • 250MW of photovoltaic capacity
  • Three 200MW parabolic troughs concentrated solar power plants

Technology Suppliers

Some of the technology suppliers for the project include:

  • Abengoa (Spain)- The PT system
  • Aalborg (Denmark) –For the PT’s steam generation technology
  • Rioglass (Belgium)-For the solar receivers and heliostat mirror
  • CMI (Belgium)- The tower plant’s molten salt receiver
  • Siemens (Germany)- The PT and tower plant’s auxiliary equipment and four steam turbines generators
  • Loitek (Spain)- Oil-salt thermal storage system and integrated steam generation system

Financial Closure

The financial closure of the project was in March 2019. The finances will be met by $1.5bn of equity and $2.9bn of debt.